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Mac Reciclaje - iBook, PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, PowerMac, Mac Pro, iPhone

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The Bookyard is a Mac recycling company committed to maximum re-use, environmentally responsible recycling and data security. We buy and strip old & faulty Apple laptops, desktops & iPhones down to their component parts. Every part is thoroughly tested and if working, sold through our parts store for use in repairing other machines.

Almost every component is re-used and for the remains, we employ material specific recycling services thus providing environmentally responsible disposal of your hardware.
Data security is essential and all hard disks are securely erased by default. If requested below, we can physically destroy your hard disk or return it to you, optionally in a USB enclosure.

Complete the form below and we will reply with a quote.

Note : Please be accurate and descriptive about the computer, it's condition and any faults. Quotes are based on this information, therefore if you accept the quote but when collected and inspected we find the form was significantly inaccurate, we may adjust our quote accordingly. If you subsequently choose not to accept the revised quote, you will be required to pay for the cost of the shipping.

We are no longer able to accept the following : Faulty iBook G3s, CRT (tube) based screens, iMac G3s, eMacs, faulty PowerMac G4s, any PowerMac earlier than the PowerMac G4 and any laptop earlier than the PowerBook G3.
We can recycle, but cannot pay for the following : Working iBook G3s, PowerBook G3s, working PowerMac G4s, faulty PowerMac G5s and faulty iMac G4s.