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Piezas para la familia de MacBook de Apple

Parts and service spares for the Apple MacBook ranges. The MacBook brand is used for Apple's entry/consumer level laptops.
From their launch in 2006 up until late 2009, the original MacBooks (listed here as Black/White) were visually similar with almost all changes being internal.
A short lived identity crisis occurred with the launch of the Aluminium Unibody MacBook alongside a remaining entry level white model.
On it's second incarnation, Apple re-branded the Aluminium MacBook as the 13" MacBook Pro and from hereon in, these parts are listed under the MacBook Pro section.
The last original design of white MacBook was replaced late 2009 with a new white unibody range featuring a Unibody shell design similar to the MacBook Pros. After receiving an update mid-2010, they were discontinued Feb 2012. These white Unibody models are listed here under the MacBook Unibody section.