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Apple Key Caps

The 12" & 14" iBook G4s used three non-interchangeable keyboard variants. Type C is simple to identify because it uses metal, rather than white plastic clips under the keycaps. The type A & B keys are more difficult to identify. The images shown below show the white plastic scissor clip from underneath a standard alphabet or numeric key and the keyboard type can be identified this way.
Please note that you cannot use the clips from under the larger or smaller keys like the Apple key or the function keys as their key clips differ. If necessary you may need to carefully lift the top edge of a standard key to identify the keyboard type. The easiest way to identify a type-B key clip is that it has a bar running right across the top edge of the clip which is not present on the type-A clips.

All key caps come complete with their scissor clip.
Please identify your keyboard type from it's scissor clips using the following images.